Hiking to the largest tea tree in the world

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The most prized Pu’er tea trees produce tea leaves that’s worth thousands per kilo. Discovered in 1991, the largest of these tea trees is 84 feet tall, nestled in the Ailao Mountains near Qiangzha Village in the Yunnan province of China. At 2,700 years-old, it is also considered one of the oldest. Clarissa Wei takes us on a hike through the mountains of Pu’er to find this elusive tree, which many villagers consider a deity

Bringing Indigenous Chinese Textiles Into the Luxury Fashion Market

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Angel Chang is a Chinese-American fashion designer from New York City and works with indigenous groups in Guizhou, China to create textiles for the international luxury fashion market. These ethnic groups (Dong, Miao, and Buyi) all have a tradition of making their own textiles and weaving the raw materials together from scratch. Dyes, like indigo and persimmon leaves, are blended and applied by hand. Cotton is grown around the villages and silk is harvested from silkworms. We interviewed Chang to learn more about the best practices for sourcing material for her business.

We Went To Dim Sum School In Hong Kong

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Dim sum school is two-year process. Students have to undergo a rigorous curriculum of making and folding everything from scratch. We visited the classrooms of the Chinese Culinary Institute in Hong Kong’s Pok Fu Lam neighborhood and spent a day in class.

Hot pot is a culinary icon in Sichuan. Conceptually it’s a cauldron of broth where diners cook their ingredients tableside. But what makes it so addicting? We found out when we visited a family-owned hot pot factory in Chengdu—a city with nearly 10,000 hot pot establishments.

Rabbit is a commonly-used ingredient in the southwest Chinese province of Sichuan, where 60 percent of the country’s rabbit meat is consumed. We were invited to the home of a local chef and writer, who made us her grandfather's special rabbit dish.