Changes: New Job, New Place (New Site!)

Today was my last day of work at KCET as a web producer. A year ago, I was four months out of college, freelancing, and looking for a stable 9-5 to get me through my first year of “the real world.” KCET was hiring, I sent in my resume… long story short, I got exactly what I wanted. It was the perfect way to resettle into the city I grew up in after a long stint in New York.

Out of the Box

This is what you get when you order a box.

A year has passed and I’m moving on to new opportunities. Starting May 5, I will be Head of Marketing at Out of the Box Collective. It’s a wonderful farm-to-kitchen grocery delivery service in Los Angeles. We specialize in weekly curated boxes with enough ingredients to help you create balanced meals. Yeah we have the regular vegetable and fruit selection, but we take it up a notch by include meats, cheeses, Fair Trade items, and grains. Everything is locally grown and most items are organic. This week, we’re promoting our Cinco De Mayo box. You can purchase our boxes here. Start off with the $75 essentials box. Shameless plug, but ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook please.

No, I haven’t abandoned my journalistic and writing passions. You’ll actually be seeing more from me.

I’ll still be writing my weekly column, ‘Have You Eaten?‘ for KCET, and when possible, will still be penning pieces for my various other freelance gigs.  Expect lots of content from me at Out of the Box. We have a lot plans in store. Also starting up in June, I’ll be leading weekly Chinese food tours in Los Angeles again. (I’m taking a break in May to allow myself time to transition) I have dumpling tours, spicy food crawls, and a Vietnamese tour on tap.

I’m also moving from the cozy San Gabriel Valley to Studio City and am crossing my fingers it won’t disappoint.

AND in case it wasn’t obvious. I got a new site redesign! Special thanks to Bobbi over at Ready to Blog for creating such a beautiful space for my work and being extremely responsive. I highly recommend her. She’s easy to work with,  will answer all your emails, and is just a nice person.

Side announcement:   I will be the moderator at a panel on user-generated content on Saturday, May 3. Refreshments will be served. $5 entry fee at the door. Join me and local L.A. journalists! Details here.


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